Discover the “Great Wonder in Heaven”
that Unlocks the Mystery of Christ’s Return

After Christ fulfilled his earthly mission and ascended back to heaven, He received a revelation from God the Father. In the original Greek, the word “revelation” is apokalypsis, which means “a disclosure of truth or instruction concerning things before unknown.” Revelation 1:1 tells us this revelation was given to Jesus Christ to “show unto His servants things that must soon take place.” Further, this revelation was contained inside the seven-sealed book and was transmitted to the apostle John by Christ’s messenger, the Holy Spirit, after the book was unsealed (i.e. the opened book of Revelation 10).

The Question: What did God the Father reveal to Jesus Christ that He didn’t already know? And how does this revelation signal to the church that the “Day of the Lord” is at hand? The Answer: The sign of Revelation 12—a literal astronomic alignment of the sun, moon, and stars which will occur on the Jewish Feast of Trumpets in September 2017. This prophetic harbinger is the revelation that Christ received from the Father, and it was meant for none other but the final generation of believers. Discover all that the Bible reveals concerning this amazing heavenly sign ordained from creation, and unlock the greatest mysteries on the earth that confirm it—the Great Pyramid and Great Sphinx (lion) of Giza.

It’s midnight. Will you sound the cry? “Behold, the Bridegroom Cometh! Make yourselves ready and go out to meet Him.”

—Jamison E. Broome

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Jamison E. Broome, Author

Jamison E. Broome is a lifelong believer and follower of Jesus Christ. He is the author of “The Final Harbinger” series of prophetic teachings and founder, vice-president, and lead evangelist for Revelation 12 Ministries, a non-profit ministry based out of Florida. He is also a retired civil engineer and Christian musician. He and his wife, Lori, have five children. God has raised up R12M over the last three years to be a resource for preaching and teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ with an emphasis on biblical prophecy. I believe the Holy Spirit is imparting fresh revelation from the Word of God to this generation—the generation who will live to see his soon return. Today is the day of salvation! Don’t wait until it’s too late, put your faith and trust in Jesus Christ. He created you, He loves you, and He died so that you might live.

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